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Welcome to the Southampton University Cyber Security Society (SUCSS) Wiki!

This wiki is intended as a primary resource for sessions held by the society, and as a data bank of information for use in the future.

Knowledge Base

It also contains a Cyber Security oriented knowledge base which is undergoing rapid expansion. It contains things like getting reverse shells, SQL injection and privilege escalation. You can browse the knowledge base using the links in the sidebar. It's not intended to be a complete guide, it's there more for quick reference of common tasks and some beginner's introductions we use for teaching.

KB Categories
Flag Tracker

Looking for more challenges to do? We have a list on our Useful Links page

More Information

We run a year long competition for all the flags you find at our events and in various other places we have them hidden away. See Flag Tracker for more details!

For more information about us, please visit our website,

Or have a look at our blog.

We are a society at The University of Southampton, affiliated with SUSU